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Department of International Private Law, Qeshm Branch, I.A.U. Qeshm, Iran


The attempts will be made to compare and analyze the provisions and clauses of the different charter parties, demonstrate and disclose some of the disputable problems in the standpoint of views of the parties connected to the charter party, which have been existed and encountered during the performance and operation of the contract of affreightment, inter alia, the voyage charter party forms, the incorporated provisions and rider clauses. In this part of the research topic, the utmost attempt has been made to go to the root of the encountered difficulties and disputes. There has been thought of a need for reconsideration and reconciliation of the interpretation of the clauses which appeared to be assumed as lack of global uniformity. The parties to the charter party are the ship-owner and the charterer to whom, inter alia, the obligations, rights, liabilities, and risks are allocated, whereas, the review of the important aspects of the voyage charter party will be considered in due course in details. This piece of work is going to be based on shipping practices and experience of my own sea service and handling of maritime arbitration cases and consultancy for the disputed and claimed cases.


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