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Assistant Professor of Sport Management, Department of Sport Management,I.A.U, Chaloos Branch,Chaloos, Iran



The northern shores of Iran, especially the shores of Mazandaran province, have long been a popular destination for tourists. Sea and coastal tourism is one of the most popular forms of tourism in today's world.This research tries to study and analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the strategy on coastal tourism. This research method is descriptive-analytical and is formed like a field method.
Given the importance of the maritime tourism industry, careful study and analysis of the factors affecting the development of this industry importance. Influential factors and components such as security, marketing and technology have been analyzed on the development and prosperity of tourism at sea, as well as short-term, medium-term and long-term operational plans for the development of maritime tourism. Security was considered to be the most important and fundamental principle in the development of tourism development strategy in the world Statistical Society due to the Morgan table so that assuming the maximum population of Statistical (384) people as a sample were chosen. The results show that the Coastal tourism of Mazandaran province In terms of strategic location and the internal and external matrix is located in the Conservative area؛ in other words it can take advantage of opportunities in the external environment in coastal tourism by emphasizing on sports activities that can show the weaknesses of internal problems better. That means that in the outside there are very good opportunities to promote coastal tourism with an emphasis on sports activities. However, because of weaknesses in the domestic environment (organization), these opportunities cannot be exploited.


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