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Ensuring defense and security in the international system of disarmament and arms control is one of the most vital areas at the heart of international policy. Defense and security are so closely intertwined that not only do countries seek to increase their defense and security capabilities in order to ensure their security, but also through which they confront potential and actual threats. Defense and security are very important and basic areas that can create deterrence in the light of which security prevails and the harmful consequences of its absence are prevented. The leaders of any society can play an important role in various matters, especially the country's defense-security strategy. Therefore, since most of the military, defense and security affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran originate from the ideas of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini; The need for research and study of their ideas in the field of defense and national security is evident. In this article, as necessary, Imam Khomeini's defense-military views and ideas will be discussed, specifically in the field of disarmament and arms control. The main purpose is to answer the basic question: "What was the goal and meaning of Imam Khomeini's approach to disarmament and arms control?" The temporary answer is that Imam Khomeini was thinking about weapons of mass destruction, Disarmamently, and Controling the conventional weapons of arms.