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Ph.D. Public International Law, Academy Faculty University of Marine Science, Imam Khomeini (RA),


Naval mining technology is one of the tools that have a dual function. And an effective tool in times of peace and crisis as well as during the war that the eighth convention of The Hague in 1907 has regulated the use of contact mines during the armed naval conflict. Nevertheless, pouring sea mines during peace time is a legal choice for governments in the waters and their territorial sea, and even in their international territories. But, dumping at sea in times of peace and in crisis situations is a danger, and in fact, in each of the maritime territories, it is in contrast to freedom and the right to transit, as well as peaceful freedom of movement, which is extremism and the issue in this regard could be a threat to international peace and security. Nevertheless, new mine technologies can somewhat prevent the risks and the obligations of governments, depending on the type of mine, also vary. Therefore, this paper discusses the legitimacy of the use of sea mine technology in peacetime in the light of developments in the international law of the seas and the opinions of the International Court of Justice. And proves the relationship of this kind of technology to ensure the security of the coastal state and pre-crisis will be timely and valuable; this type of strategy and technology within the framework of legal constraints, international law is justifiable. Research method of this paper is analytical-compilation method and data collection method is library-documentary method.


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